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About Us

Our Story

At a young age, Nafisa established her own catering business in Karachi, Pakistan in 1982. Her fine methods and absolute cooking techniques were admired by her customers for decades.

After continuing her culinary arts journey, she migrated to Chicago in 1997 to give her children a better life. Not only did she improve to become the best over time, but she also prepared herself for the future challenges in Chicago. 

She worked as a head chef for MCC Academy School, getting the best out of her culinary skills, perfecting her techniques and developing new ones during this time. After serving at MCC for almost 2 decades, Chef Nafisa thought to serve diverse communities to serve the best Indo-Pakistani food in Chicago. Finally, after so many years with her kids, she brings OMG Nafisa’s kitchen to life.  

Our journey of decades into popularity started with a young woman seeing big dreams. Today, as we know, OMG Nafisa – a woman-owned business – has flourished to become a renowned family restaurant in Morton Grove. 

Her dream to open OMG Nafisa’s kitchen worked wonders from the beginning. Her handpicked combination of spices was loved and admired by visitors, who quickly became loyal diners over time.

All the hard work Chef Nafisa has put in selecting spices, making her recipes tasty, has made OMG Nafisa’s Kitchen achieve great heights in no time.  We have been serving the best South Asian and Indo-Pakistani cuisine for years in Chicago.

Her passion to bring the taste of Indo-Pakistani cuisine to America is now the reality of OMG Nafisa’s kitchen. 


When it comes to celebrations of any kind, we should always be your first choice! Our chewy, luscious, and authentic taste fits best for just any party in town! 

We serve both veg and non-veg entrees. Some delicious vegetarian options like Aloo Palak, Bhindi, Chana Masala, and Mixed vegetables leave a lingering taste in their wake. Some of our most picked non veg entrees are Chapli kabab, Chicken 65, Beef Nihari, Bihari kabab, Biryanis, Chicken Tikka Boti.



Our Signature Entrees

Popular Main course

We stand strong among the few restaurants that serve authentic delicacies from India and Pakistan. We love to blend these flavors together to create the perfect taste.

OMG Nafisa’s kitchen also serves some great Chinese food – Chicken Manchurian, Fried Rice, and Hakka noodles are a few of the many delectable Chinese treats.


OMG Nafisa’s Kitchen aims to preserve our family’s story, and culture by bringing the culinary richness of Indo-Pakistani to our customers. So when customers taste our food and promise to return, we know we succeeded in telling our story!

If you are looking for that something tasty or different. Plan for dinner tonight at OMG Nafisa’s Kitchen! Every Bite! Just Right!

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